Mitsubishi Heavy


Elegant Timeless Design
The ZSX and ZS series air-conditioners have been stylishly
designed with rounded contours that fit beautifully into any of
Europe’s diverse interior settings. The design was created by
the Italian industrial design studio Tensa srl, based in Milan, to
respond to a broad spectrum of local user needs.

All SRK series line up available for R32 refrigerant
R32 is the next generation refrigerant that boasts nearly 70% lower Global Warming Potential Rate
than R410A. Due to its superior qualities R32 offers amazing energy efficiency benefits. It has a
potential refrigerating effect 1.5 times that of R410A meaning it needs less energy to achieve the
desired temperature and requires less refrigerant volume to operate.
Wall-mounted type units are compatible with both R32 and R410A.